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Saturday, March 06, 2010

You Might Get Your Problem Solved for Free

A Problem to Love
hypios.com has launched its first annual "A Problem to Love" promotion. hypios will pay a total of $50,000 to solvers of two of the world's most compelling problems, as determined by visitors to the site.

Teleportation? A cure for cancer? Maybe, maybe not. Candidate problems must be submitted by an employee of some form of research organization - any discipline, public or private. hypios envisions that the two "Problems to Love" will be perennially frustrating research and development (R&D) puzzles. Current unsolved problems on hypios range from the mundane (how to make biodegradable, nonpolluting batteries) to the abstract (a model for frame-dragging that is consistent with Einstein's general theory of relativity - the details of which will not be explained here).

The two top problems will be judged on structure and promise of impact, then posted on hypios for a prize totaling $50,000, giving each problem a fair chance to find a solution. One, chosen by a jury, will be worth $30,000 to the Solver; the other, selected by the public, wins the Solver $20,000 - both paid for by hypios.

The persons that posted the problems receive all intellectual property rights to Solvers' solutions, once accepted.

Is there a problem you want solved?

Enter here

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