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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

World Innovation Forum Scavenger Challenge #5

Chance to Win a Free Ticket to World Innovation ForumHere is the fifth of five scavenger hunt questions to answer on your way to a chance to win some great prizes including a free ticket to the World Innovation Forum in New York, NY on June 8-9, 2010. This is a $2,200 ticket to an event that often sells out.

For more details on the contest - please see the contest announcement.

All questions are easily answerable with Bing, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, or your favorite lesser-known search engine.

World Innovation Forum Scavenger Challenge #5 (5 of 5):

Robert F Brands, author of "Robert's Rules of Innovation":
  • Was the CEO of what company?
  • This company is responsible for what popular cleaning product?

If you missed the first four questions, you can access them here:
  1. Challenge Question #1
  2. Challenge Question #2
  3. Challenge Question #3
  4. Challenge Question #4

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED - ended at midnight GMT on April 13, 2010.

As a reminder, the following prizes are up for grabs:
  1. (1) complimentary admission (a $2,200 value) to the World Innovation Forum

  2. (1) complimentary admission ($99 value) to a Seth Godin webinar on April 15, 2010

  3. (1) HSM DVD on Innovation from HSM's DVD Master Series (a $79 value)

  4. (2) signed copies of Robert F Brand's new book "Robert's Rules of Innovation"

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