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Innovation and Marketing White Papers

Charitable Innovation - Disrupting for Good

This white paper examines the opportunities for disruptive innovations in the operations and marketing of charitable organizations.

Beginning with an examination of acceptable performance of charities on the basis of fundraising costs and program spend, this white paper distills the disruptive possibilities into five key principles that can be used to identify opportunities in charitable organizations. Along the way it uses definitions, existing examples, insights, and example ideas to explore each of the five principles in greater depth.
Business Strategy Innovation - Charitable Innovation White Paper
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Effective Conversational Marketing

This white paper examines the emerging field of conversational marketing, as social media becomes part of the relationship marketing conversation.

Beginning with a definition of conversational marketing, this white paper looks at how our traditional marketing approaches should be modified to include the new possibilities that social media creates for marketers. Along the way it goes into depth on the importance of viewing social media not as a channel, but as an integrated part of our marketing campaigns and on-going programs.
Business Strategy Innovation - Effective Conversational Marketing White Paper
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Broadcasting the Voice of the Customer

This white paper examines the role of the voice of the customer in achieving successful product or service innovation.

Customers are always talking about your products or services, but who knows what they are saying? If you're like most organizations, only a select group of people have access to the voice of the customer. But would people view their jobs differently or approach them differently if they had access to the voice of the customer?
Business Strategy Innovation - Voice of the Customer White Paper
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Innovation Framework Case Studies

Business Strategy Innovation consultants have had an impact on a wide variety of industries. Typically the positive outcomes of our consulting engagements are highly confidential, but we have persuaded a few of our clients to let us present these case studies anonymously.

Airline Industry Case Study

The events of September 11th had a catastrophic effect on the airline industry. Business Strategy Innovation consultants worked with a few passenger airlines to help them find a new frame for their industry (an Industry Re-Think).

You will see in the Passenger Lifecycle slides that the framework allows the airlines to see themselves as more than just a transportation provider. Instead, the framework provides the opportunity for the airlines to continue to innovate at each stage of the lifecycle, challenging themselves to exceed the example revenue and service opportunities we provided at the time.
Business Strategy Innovation - Airline Passenger Lifecycle Case Study
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Electronic Top-Ups Case Study

Networks providing the infrastructure for electronic top-ups of pre-pay mobile phones have been very successful. 2/3 of mobile phone users in the UK now are on pre-pay plans, creating a large market opportunity for the companies providing these networks. But with the mobile phone market reaching saturation in the UK, where next to look for growth opportunities?

Business Strategy Innovation consultants worked with a couple of firms in this industry to identify new revenue opportunities and to set a growth strategy for continued success. You will see in the slides the Industry Re-Think we arrived at and the new theme for the future to guide the business.

Business Strategy Innovation - epay Case Study
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